Alex Stanton - CoDirector @ The Uncommon Room.
Technically I've only been an Interior Designer for 18 months - but I've been designing my whole life.
I'm all things 'tech' at The Uncommon Room, not because I'm good at it.. more so because Hannah isn't, and I'm too cheap to pay someone.
My favourite part of the interior world,  is the initial design process. I love walking into a blank space and imagining how amazing we can make it become.
Hannah Loney - CoDirector @ The Uncommon Room.
Inspired daily to rearrange my cushions on my couch and bedding, because lord knows there are endless 'looks' to be created.
Consumed by colours and textures, but dream about living in a minimalist white home, where my four kids wont ruin my white couch, white walls and white rug.
Addicted to being creative. Quick to come up with any styling/staging solutions and equally love the construction side to building homes, just as much as decorating it.